Saturday, November 3, 2007


In my department, we aren't allowed to do costumes. I had to work late shift on Halloween though, so after much twisting of my supervisor's arm, here is my costume - I was a pretty pretty princess. An old bridesmaid dress, a costume jewelry ring, and the crown from the game Pretty Pretty Princess. The deal was that I could only wear the crown after everyone left but the late team.

Nathan's workplace (ebay) was a different story entirely. When I stopped by to visit that morning, they were in the middle of taking team pictures. Each row of cubicles had decorated with a different theme and a lot of people had planned their costumes around that theme. Nathan's theme was pirates. They didn't do too much, but here's a sign by Nathan's desk. He had a cauldron of gold coins on his desk.

Another theme - The Nightmare Before Christmas

We couldn't figure out this row's theme - it just seemed to be generally creepy.

And finally the spider area.

It was hard to believe it was a business with all these decorations!

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Danna said...

Your kids are going to think you are cool, I was just plain old boring mom for Halloween and my kids thought that was lame, but I scored a couple points for my Day of the Dead apron! :)