Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our crazy storm

We had a very interesting day yesterday. I went walking in the morning and the wind was so strong it was like trying to move underwater. It should be the new exercise fad... instead of water aerobics, try wind walking! :P The video clip is short because Echo is fascinated by the wind and tried to escape outside to feel the wind, but you can hear the wind rushing by.

We had hours of rain, followed by a flurry of snow that stuck briefly but then melted with subsequent rain.

However, in the middle of the night, I woke up to thunder and lightning and a thin layer of snow. (Thunder and snow? They don't go together, I thought.) Well, then the snow turned to hail. I have never seen it hail so hard for so long in my life. Hopefully the snow protected the car windows because the hail was really slamming against the house when the wind changed.

This morning it has all blended together and we have quite a bit of snow for October. My poor herbs were not prepared for this kind of cold yet. I hope they are okay; I haven't finished harvesting them yet.

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Anonymous said...

What are you going to be this Halloween??? Scarecrow? Windchime? How about a windwalker? A Snowflake?
Remember when you were a butterfly?
Remember when I was a mummy?
Oops...don't think you were born were still a cloudwalker.