Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I love these kids!

I'm in the final stages of writing the Primary Sacrament Meeting program, reading it over and swapping lines as I see fit. As I was reading through in my mind and visualizing each child's personality and speaking abilities to see if they are a good fit for the part I assigned them, it just brought tears to my eyes.

I don't know why I don't have my own kids yet (well, I do, but I always thought I'd have kids by now), but I sure love these kids. I love Primary. I just love it. It's been 9 years now that I've served in Primary on and off. I think Heavenly Father put me in Primary this time around because he knows I struggle with not having my own and this way I can have kids to love.

Anyway.... just my thoughts for the day. The program's coming up in one month! We only have 3 Sundays left to practice, because of stake conference. Unfortunately I can't take pictures of the program itself, since it's against policy to take pictures in the chapel. But I will try to remember in the midst of the crazy practice the week prior to snap a few pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember when you were a Sunbeam and gave your first talks in Primary? (I do)
Do you remember when you hid under the piano, because it was SO SCARY moving into a new ward, (were you five or six?) right at the time when the Primary was practicing for the Sacrament meeting program.
Your teacher (Sis Perlstrom)remembers...(your MOM remembers.)
Do you remember when you were called to be the Sunbeam teacher?
(Danielle and her "Mom" remember, Rocky and his Mom and Dad remember, and I remember.
On behalf of all the MOMS and DADS in your ward, may I express a BIG THANK YOU for caring SO MUCH for these children, Heavenly Father's children, for loving them in very special ways....
"FEED MY LAMBS...Feed my sheep."
You are truly doing this.
We love you, Cherish
MOM (and Dad)