Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bad choice!

I've been practicing my future parenting skills with my cats.... bad CHOICE not bad KITTY. Let me tell you, I have said that a lot this past week. I have no clue what is up with the cats but they are driving me up a wall. I have stomped downstairs multiple times, holding a cat, turning it over to Nathan to be scolded and temporarily imprisoned. I have chased a cat through the house spraying him repeatedly with a squirt bottle. The cats just do not take me seriously when it comes to discipline.

- Sharpening claws on the couch
- Headbutting over a full glass of water (thankfully it was just water)
- Leaping from the table (a no-no) to the china cabinet (a HUGE no-no)
- Sleeping on my kitchen table (this is just plain mocking me)
- Chewing on puzzle pieces
- Leaping onto the kitchen table, thereby skidding the half-completed puzzle off the table into pieces, ruining several hours of work
- Knocking a cookie jar off the fridge and shattering it

Let me just say that I feel for those of you who are having a week where your kids don't listen, because I feel like such a bad "parent" this week!


Jaime said...

c'mon you seriously want to parent a cat? Try a dog. Cats cannot be tamed. But good luck!

ginalm said...

Children do (eventually) learn. Cats...I'm not so sure about. But though your cat-discipline efforts may never pay off, I think you are so smart to practice good parenting skills. Even if the cats never get anything out of it, you will!

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass. :(
(I sure miss Mischief and Desmond)
Bet you don't remember the cat that made a beeline for the bathtub, everytime it needed to go #2. Not sure if you were even born yet.

Patience is a virtue. Maybe if it were a vice, we'd learn it quicker, like it better?

Practice makes perfect.
How long do I have to practice?

Don't you wish you could take cat naps?