Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just one of the herd

As part of my ongoing planning of how to help provide for my family once I have kidlets, I decided to take the necessary tests to get on the list of temporary/part-time data-entry employees for the post office. I figure I could work swing shift so I could be home with any kids while Nathan's at work, and it's decent pay. Anyway, the first test was this morning.

Saturday mornings at 7am generally find me out in the garden, with one load of laundry in the dryer and a second in the washer. Today I was on my way to the test carrying pencils and wearing socks and the required closed-toe shoes (both of which I really dislike). I swear I've never felt more like just one in a herd of cattle. This mainly came from every little action being dictated to us - Open the booklet to page 7. Turn over the answer sheet so page 4 is facing up. Pick up your pencil and begin..... STOP. Put down your pencil. Close your test booklet.

I generally test quickly, so it drives me nuts to be part of a testing environment where you must follow the same time schedule as everyone else. I ended up falling asleep at the end, and was startled awake by the typical STOP, put down your pencil.

It felt like such a waste of my precious Saturday morning. The cubicles where I would work are the tiniest I've ever seen. I dread working there but I want to be home as much as possible with my kids and gosh dang it, if I have to work there part-time to help Nathan support us, I'll do it.

Oh, and as a side note, obviously my dad knows best. He always said it was a bad idea to throw all the silverware in the sink of soapy water because of sharp knives. I've never cut myself despite doing it every time I do dishes, until today... I managed to slice my finger. This was immediately followed by a phone call telling me that 2 Primary teachers wouldn't be there tomorrow and they couldn't find subs. Such a great day!!!

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OOOooo Kidlets! :)