Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Sorry I did not take pictures, I forgot the camera. I went shopping with my friend Rachel this afternoon while our husbands went to see Transformers. I had lots of fun at the Bath and Body Works clearance sale. I thought I had bought lots of Christmas gifts but when I got home and unloaded my bag, I realized I had mainly bought lots of goodies for myself! Oh well, I don't often treat myself to Bath and Body Works, and I was almost out of lotion.

Then we all went to do fireworks with friends. Nathan discovered that if you light a ground bloom and throw it in a bucket of water, it still goes off and spins through the water! The only downer of the evening was that my first viewing location was in a pile of ants. My sandals were covered with large ants, but I only got nipped a couple times before I realized and quickly relocated... :-(

Happy 4th of July, y'all! Unfortunately, back to work tomorrow. I'd better get to bed fast!

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