Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Perfect day for soup

The rain finally blew in, lots of wind and rain! This morning Nathan was leaving for work, woke me up and said goodbye, and just as I heard the front door open, I saw lightning flash. A few seconds passed, then mild thunder started. I thought to myself, I'm okay, it's not too loud. Then the thunder echoed loud enough to shake the bed. I was out of bed instantly, prepared to run out into the rain to catch Nathan! Fortunately he knows me well enough that he had waited, and was standing in the entry to hug me and reassure me that it was okay!

My day didn't go as planned, which meant I was home for a few hours in the afternoon. Perfect day for soup! I made three kinds but the cauliflower cheese didn't turn out very tasty.

Vegetable pasta soup - one of my best batches of soup ever!
(Broccoli, carrots, potatoes, onion, can of tomatoes, pasta, homemade beef broth, garlic powder, bay leaves)

Ham bean soup
(Frozen ham hock from Easter, carrots, onion, can of tomatoes, red beans, white beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, pepper, bay leaves)

I wish Nathan liked soup more. It's so cheap to make. Oh well. I'll end up eating most of the leftover soup myself.

I had Nathan take pictures of me on Monday in one of my new skirts. Unfortunately, somehow the flash made my bra show slightly through my shirt.... very odd, I know it wasn't showing normally, I looked in the mirror several times during the day. So I had to crop out my adorable face - haha!


MotorMouthMom said...

Way to go, Cherish! I'm SO impressed. Imagine--HOMEMADE beef broth and Ham from Easter.
What are you doing? Trying to become the Queen of Pennypinchers?
I'm afraid my reign is over. How could I ever compete!!

SnapHappy said...

YOU are so amazing!