Wednesday, June 20, 2007!

Oh by the way, happy Wednesday morning to y'all! It's gorgeous and I got my tomato plants in the ground this morning. I'm drinking a luscious peach-raspberry-banana smoothie.

I was at Target and found these adorable bowls on clearance. I got 4 of each.

We cancelled cable and signed up for Netflix instead. Cheaper but still provides some entertainment. That meant we could rearrange the living room, since the TV no longer had to be next to the cable jack. We took down the random things hanging on the pre-existing nails (well except for the clock) and put up a painting that my great-grandpa did. He did a lot of Western-type paintings and Nathan took a liking to them when he first saw them last Christmas. My parents gave us one of theirs because it was Nathan's favorite print and we had already chosen another painting. (Grandpa Mac died a long time ago and finally his wife was cleaning out the house in order to sell.)

If you know what our living room looked like before, we swapped the TV and the bookshelf, and also the couch and the cedar chest. Kindly ignore any clutter in the pictures. :)

One of the perks of moving the couch and TV is that we no longer get tons of glare on the TV screen during the afternoon/evening hours. The blinds just can't block out the fabulous natural light that streams into our house.

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SnapHappy said...

So fun! I love to rearrange furniture and you have such a great room to do it in. Big and so many options! Jealous! Oh and you can add a link to my blog, sorry I didn't get back to you on that. Love you!