Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Weekend expo's!

Somehow we acquired free tickets to the home show and the What a Woman Wants show for the last two weekends. Nathan and I had fun wandering the home show after he got off work. We got free gift cards for Sears ($9 worth), a very nice ladder (definitely not free), a wall hanging (sorry no pic yet), and three free knives.

This last weekend, my sister Jaime was still in town after Women's Conference, so we went to the other show. It wasn't quite as fun; we were only there a little over an hour. The first booth had a pole dancer, that's right, a pole dancer. Complete with go-go boots and short-shorts. Pole dancing for exercise is getting more popular, but we still didn't expect to see that. We signed up for various free drawings. We also got our hair done and sprayed with glitter for free. They must have used 50 bobby pins on my hair!

It's hard to see the glitter, but believe me, we were glittery. Every time I touched my hair, I got glitter all over my fingers.

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