Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now that I have spring pictures, it's snowing.

Looks like one cat, right? Look again.... 3 ears. The cats were lying in such a manner that they looked like one really long cat. You're seeing Echo's head and Picasso's feet.

The neighbor boy is tearing out the hideous bushes so I can plant herbs. Here is one of the 3 bushes left on this side, with my tulips.

And the other side with no bushes left. I can't wait to get the herbs planted! My peppermint has magically come back from last year and is spreading quickly. Oh, and over in my garden, there is another mint growing. I'm told it's probably lemon mint - looks like mint, tastes and smells like lemon. I don't recall planting any but somehow it is here and I'm happy. I ate a leaf, even though I didn't know for sure what it was, and I'm not dead yet. :P

More pictures of flowers that survive despite my lack of knowledge and nurturing.
I threw a rag on Picasso's back and he didn't take it off for a long time. Here he is chasing a jellybean around the dining room floor, still wearing his rag.

It snowed yesterday for several hours, oh and it rained and hailed too at various times. Crazy weather. I walked in the morning and worked in my garden, and it was just very windy. But then the storm finally blew in and ruined our spring weather.

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