Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm repenting, Danna!

OK I know it's been a few weeks and I'm a horrible person. There's a few reasons but anyway here are some random pics to catch you up!

The table set up for our Primary teachers' appreciation breakfast. It's in red, yellow, and blue.

Our Primary president scrambling eggs.

My Easter-colored toenails. Hard to tell but there are five different spring-y colors. Pastel blue, lavender, pale green, apricot, and bright blue.

I bought a toilet plunger! How exciting! Wait a second.... do you think that means we're going to have a clogged toilet now? Murphy's Law?

I'm sprouting yellow pear tomatoes, assorted bell peppers, hot peppers, and lettuce indoors.

I really enjoyed General Conference this weekend. It seems the older I get, the faster Conference weekend flies by, as opposed to it dragging on when I was a child. Saturday had some really different talks, in my opinion. I enjoyed the historical musings in the afternoon session. I have tickets to the first concert to be held in the Tabernacle since its rededication. It's this Friday and my friend Carolin will be going with me. They were free, but "sold" out incredibly fast. I'm lucky I managed to get them.

I made ribs for the first time today. They were on sale, but didn't turn out quite as expected. Nathan liked them though, and that's all that matters. I'm working on a new habit of planning the week's meals. I've attempted occasionally before. It's working out well! Dinner is less stressful and I'm spending less on food and eating more veggies.

The rhubarb is sprouting in my garden. The cherry trees are covered in white blossoms. The pansies are vibrant, the tulips will be blooming very soon, and I just love spring in Utah! Our weather's been a bit odd. It snowed this past week, even though we'd been having nice weather and the winter snow was long gone.

Well, that's all for now. We've had changes at work and I really like how things are going with the new setting, but that's another story for another day.

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Danna said...

Yea Cherish!! :) I need to start some of my plants soon, we are still trying to get our feet under us after our long trip! :) I too love Utah in the spring, I enjoy Utah's seasons in general! :) Esspeshialy the crisp morning air! :)